Technology Rubrics

Here are "rubric starters" for assessing the use of Google Apps for student projects

Rubric Example for Website 
  1. Content and Accuracy - The site has a well stated clear purpose and theme that is carried out throughout .All information provided  on the Web site is accurate
  2. Layout - The Web site has an   attractive and usable layout. It is easy to locate all important elements.
  3. Navigation - Links -for navigation are clearly labeled, consistently placed, allow the reader to easily move from a page to related pages . All links point to high quality, up-to-date, credible sites.
  4. Background - - Background is attractive, consistent across pages, adds to the theme or purpose of the site, and does not detract from readability.
  5. Color Choices -- Colors of background, fonts, unvisited and visited links form a pleasing palette.
  6. Fonts -- The fonts are consistent, easy to read and point size varies appropriately for headings and text. Uses of font styles (italic, bold, underline) are used consistently and improve readability.
  7. Graphics -   Graphics are related to the theme/purpose of the site, are thoughtfully cropped, are of high quality and enhance reader interest or understanding.
  8. Sounds - Music, audio clips and/or sounds are thoughtfully edited and used only where they add to reader understanding of the content.
  9. Spelling and Grammar -There are no errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar in the final draft of the Web site.
  10. Copyright - Fair use guidelines are followed with clear, easy-to-locate and accurate citations for all borrowed material. No material is included from Web sites that state that permission is required unless permission has been obtained