Odor, Color and Foam Standards

Grades: High School

Learning Objective 

The learner will visit and use observation to assess the site’s functions and values.

Kansas Grade Level Expectations (Environmental Education ) 

Standard 2: Learners demonstrate an understanding of the relationships and interactions between organisms and the environment.

9-12 Benchmark 1: Learners analyze complex relationships among organisms and habitats.

9-12 Benchmark 3: Learners investigate and analyze the relationships among resources, technology, and the environment.

9-12 Indicators: By the end of the twelfth grade, the students will describe how technology has influenced the quality of life.

9-12 Benchmark 4: Learners identify and evaluate environmental issues from multiple points of view.

Indicator: identify the risks and benefits that agriculture, petroleum production, manufacturing, energy production, human communities, and other economic development activities can have on soil and water in Kansas.