Funding for River Science

Friends of the Kaw gratefully acknowledges support from the following organizations for our educational initiative:

  • Johnson County Stormwater Management Grants 2010 and 2011: $43,000 and $31,200 to implement stormwater education for agricultural producers and construction and development companies in the Kansas River watershed in Johnson County. This project has funded our work with De Soto High School and the development of the "What's in the Water?" section of the River Science curriculum.
  • EPA Environmental Justice Grant: $25,000 to address environmental justice issues in eastern Kansas City, Kansas. This project funds work with Wyandotte High and the Saturday Science and Math Academy, creating the "Where You're At" section of the River Science curriculum.
  • Mid-America Resource Council Stormwater Grant 2011 : $3400 to create outdoor educational opportunities for students at Wyandotte High School in Kansas City, Kansas.
  • The Westar Foundation 2010 : $3,500 to begin a River Ambassadors program for middle school and high school students.
  • Elizabeth Schultz Environmental Fund 2008: $4,500 to begin Kids 4 the Kaw and Teens 4 the Kaw.
  • Captain Planet Foundation 2008: $500 for Kids 4 the Kaw.
  • EPA Education 2008: $19,566 for development of Kids 4 the Kaw to include a Kids Corner on this website, two sandbar schools and a portable display to promote project at area watershed festivals.
  •  Kansas Health Foundation 2007: $20,200 to develop the “Pollution from Run-off” section of the Kansas River Atlas, provide technical assistance for the website.