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Mapping Our Impact



1.     On the back of your map write a paragraph describing what you do on a typical school day in a time sequence (where do you go first, then where do you go next).  Include things like the places you visit (ie. Gas station, store, school, park…) and why are these locations important to you?

2.     Use a pencil to draw on the map a line showing the path you take between locations.  Use the stickers to show exact locations and number the locations according to the time sequence you created.  Write number above the sticker.  You are welcome to include other locations that are not included in this list, just make sure to number them and you may use markers to pinpoint the exact location.

  • Gas station
  • Store
  • Restaurant
  • Park
  • Optional

**use markers for other locations**

3.     Use a calculator and the worksheet provided on the back of this sheet to measure the amount of gasoline used in this path and how much CO2 you have produced.

 Information used on calculations

1 mile (mi) = 5280ft

$3.44/gal-price of gas per gallon

21.5 mi/gal-average car mileage

1.10 CO2 Pounds/mi driving solo in an average car-



How much gasoline was used in your path?:

(Number of miles traveled_____mi ) *  1gal/21.5 mi    *   $3.44/1 gal      = $__________used in path                                 


How much CO2 was produced in your path?:


(Number of miles traveled_____mi ) * 1.10 CO2 pounds/1 mi      =  ___________ CO2 Pounds produced in path


What alternatives can you think of that would require less fuel? Can you come up with different scenarios?