Ordering Test Kits




LaMotte Company
P.O. Box 329
802 Washington Ave.
Cherstertown, MD 21620


Order #1066 – armored non-mercury 
thermometer. Cost is about $20, multiuse. 
pH test strips

Hach Company 
P.O. Box 389 
Loveland, CO 80539 


Order #27456 for 50 pH test strips. Cost is about 
$0.30 per test.

Turbidity tube

We use a model manufactured by: 
Lawrence Enterprises Inc. 
P.O. Box 344 
Seal Harbor, ME 004675 
Telephone 207-276-5746 
Fax 207-276-4058


Approximate cost is $34 per tube, with possible 
discounts for quantity purchase. 
This or similar tubes may be available from several suppliers 
including Ben Meadows and Forestry Supply. 
Longer tubes are available. We suggest the 
60-inch tube because it is long enough to be 
accurate, and short enough to be easy to use.

 Nitrogen test strips – Nitrate/Nitrite and Ammonia

Hach Company 
P.O. Box 389
Loveland, CO 80539-0389 


E-mail: orders@hach.com 
Nitrate/nitrite test strips: order #27454 
Ammonia test strips: order #27553 
Cost: About $0.60 per test

Phosphorus test kits

CHEMetrics, Inc. 
Route 28 
Calverton, VA 20138-9850 


Order # K-8510 “Ortho P kit.” Each will do 
30 tests. 
Order #R-8510 for refill tubes and A-8500 for 
refill solution. 
The blue color in the reference tubes will fade 
slightly over a period of months, so note the 
expiration date on your kit and reorder new 
comparison tubes (a new kit) every few years. 
Cost is about $1.07 per test with one kit and one refill.

 Bacteria (Total coliform and fecal coliform) plates


3M Microbiology Products 
3M Center, Building 275-5W-05
St. Paul, MN 55144-1000 


E-mail: microbiology@3M.com 
These are the plates for the coliform and 
E. coli bacteria: 
6484 50 EC plates 
6414 500 EC plates

A second product is available from 
3M (not described in the lesson plan) 
for assessing contamination on surfaces, 
such as kitchen work space, or garden vegetables 
that may have been contaminated from manure 
or compost. For these types of samples, order the 
3M quick swabs, listed below. 
6432 50 quick swabs (for surfaces) 
6433 250 quick swabs (for surfaces)

 Sterile Pipettes

P.O. Box 92912 
Rochester, NY 14692-9012 


18W 2972 sterile pipets (500)

Pesticide kit (Atrazine)

Silver Lake 
P.O. Box 686 
Monrovia, CA 91017 


Cost when purchasing an individual kit is close 
to $10, but the cost goes down to around $5 per 
test when purchasing 50 or more. This may vary 
and should be negotiated with the sales 
representative at the time of purchase. There are 
several “Water-Safe” test kits now available, and 
some include a lead + atrazine combination, 
which may be appropriate if you are testing 
your household water and are concerned about old 
pipes, brass fixtures and pump impellers or other 
sources of lead.