Yard Challenge

If you are caring for a residential yard with a lawn we challenge you to reduce the amount of polluted stormwater that runs off your property. Identify and document some aspect of your yard that can be improved to reduce the amount of run-off that is polluted by such things as:

Design a way to improve the way in which you are managing your yard, and document the steps that you take to implement your plan. The most important part of the challenge will be to compare what your project is like before and after your improvements, and tell us how you have reduced pollution entering streams in your area.

You can document improvements with:
  • A map of your project area (map of your yard identifying different kinds of plants, source of water, any outlet for run-off such as storm drains, any buffer or project to reduce run-off, nearest stream and/or pond)
  • Photographs documenting the conditions before and after your project
  • Results of any water or soil testing you conducted
You can also use the self-assessment tools in the Kansas Healthy Yards program to help you determine what you wish to do for your project.

Click Here for help with designing your project